Tyno Photo?

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Flickr.  I can’t believe how insanely creative some people are with photography, it blows my mind.  I want to be in that club!  It’ll be my backup plan for the inevitable carpel tunnel syndrome I seem to have introduced to both my right and left hands (I use left for my mouse, and right for my tablet).  After countless hours of boring research, and an awkward amount of visits to camera stores, I’ve selected my weapon.

 The Canon 60D!

I actually struggled with purchasing the cheaper (and newer) T3i, but the secondary display screen on the 60D turned out to be pretty important to me.  I figured I’d outgrow the kit lens quick enough, so I opted for the camera body only and used the cash I saved to buy a higher quality “L” lens.

Here’s hoping I can trick the camera into snapping some good pictures, and if anyone’s interested in following my photographic adventure, check out my Flickr Account in the sidebar!

About the author

TYNO - Art Director @ Other Ocean Interactive, a video game company located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. He loves imagery & imagination, and maintains a deep respect for unique design. He secretly moonlights as a comic book artist, musician, photographer and has mad love for his fleet of dogs.


  1. Drew 14/11/2012 16:09

    Chameleon puppy, takes on the color of its surroundings. Beautiful photo of a beautiful dog.

    • TYNO 02/01/2013 15:09

      Thanks Dude,
      It was a pretty lucky shot since I’d only owned the camera for about 45 minutes before snapping it.

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