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My winning submission for the topic “Volcanic Tunneler“!

I’m a big fan of online art communities, and one of my favourites is CGHub.  They periodically host challenge topics and artists post work in progress until submitting completed illustration to the “Finals” thread where a voting poll is opened for the next week.

Typically people post “concept art” styled illustrations and paintings, I decided to go with a much more cartoon/comic style approach (heavily influenced by the artwork of Creaturebox) and it stood out… a lot.  It’s fun to post your WIP and see that some people really hate what other’s love, and when it comes down to it you need to make the decisions that best suit your illustrations needs.

The thumbnails above are some of preliminary compositions for the final layout, I chose “A” (obviously) because it fit the topic at hand better than the other two, but I personally think “B” more of a narrative.

About the author

TYNO - Art Director @ Other Ocean Interactive, a video game company located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. He loves imagery & imagination, and maintains a deep respect for unique design. He secretly moonlights as a comic book artist, musician, photographer and has mad love for his fleet of dogs.

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  1. Tiffany 02/01/2013 15:36

    Love the rock detailing on this guy’s head!

  2. Ashlen 02/01/2013 17:30

    Amazing work!

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